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More About Us

Our ranch has been home to our breeding program for the past 9 years.  With over 30 years experience in the livestock industry, including being founding members of the Alberta Paint Horse Club.

We have dedicated ourselves to breeding and raising the best quality cattle we can. 

Rocky Top Ranch

Located on over 2 miles of Waterton River, RTR affords the herd a variety of natural habitats.
The ranch is also home to mule deer, water birds, eagles, hawks and coyotes.

Doug & Jacki have, as the founders and former owners of Horses All Magazine, had many years working with top breeders in both the horse and cattle industries.  Experiencing the ups and downs of the economics of ranching brought them to Brahmas.  Their choice of this breed as the foundation for both their rodeo and beef herds is based upon the great history of this breed.  More information on Brahmas and their traits can be found on the Directory Page.